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Products & Services

Seguro Aluminum railings Inc. strive to provide quality service and a superior product.

Our railings are "Patent Pending" in the United States and Canada. They have been tested and proven to withstand hurricane winds rated for Florida, United States and therefore meet and/or exceed the required Ontario Building Code Standards.

We Offer Various Options:

  • Aluminum Top Mounted Railings
  • Aluminum Side Mounted Railings
  • Aluminum Picket Railings
  • Glass Insert Railings
  • Aluminum Panel Railings
  • Aluminum Dividers
  • Various combinations and colours available

We Offer Various Services:

  • Drafting and Engineering
  • Engineer Site Testing
  • Engineer Load Testing
  • Engineer Torque Testing of Anchor Bolts
  • Engineer Load Testing
  • Engineer Anchor Pull Testing
  • Engineer Site Inspections

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